Roads of Arabia

National Museum Riyadh / Ithra

The project involved the fabrication of fine art crates to pack additional objects not included in the previous exhibition at the National Museum in Riyadh. Constantine KSA provided specialists fine art technicians to pack objects into tray cases at the National Museum.

The team then transferred the entire exhibition from the National Museum to KAWC warehouse by road, utilising four vehicles in convoy with police escort. Installing exhibition at KAWC which was then inaugurated by the King.

An excess of 75 bespoke cases were made to re-pack the entire exhibition, for subsequent touring outside of the Kingdom. Constantine KSA had a team of six technicians for three weeks to re-pack all of the loans.

As the Inaugural exhibition in KAWC, Constantine were responsible for implementing new techniques and processes that were developed and tested for the venue.

– Tray cases were introduced and manufactured offering sensible, secure, cost-effective solutions for casing numerous objects.

– Key contacts and experience in arranging road-freight, when police escorts are required.

– Reliable, and efficient fine art teams accustomed to working in the Kingdom.

– After out initial case fabrication services were highly regarded, the large production requirement of more than 75 cases attests the quality of the products we deliver and the efficient case manufacturing systems we have in the UK to produce bespoke cases in large volumes in a short time-frame.