Art Consultancy

Supporting the Arts from Inspiration to Installation


Constantine KSA understand the need to support the arts and creative process from concept to installation. Headed by Curatorial Director and project manager, Sarah A. Collicott the Art Curatorial and Delivery Department specialises in creating strategic overarching perspectives for cultural and place-making art programmes; the commissioning and purchase of individual artworks; and the curatorial development of private and corporate art collections.

Every client has their own specific aspirations and requirements, and every site is unique. Our role is therefore to work with the pragmatics yet create a framework into which artists can design inspirational artworks in a diversity of scale and media. Strategic perspectives will engage with and express community values, enhance or respond to the environment, transform a landscape and create a moment to reflect. Constantine KSA support the visions of our clients, the stakeholders and the commissioned artists from concept to installation.


  • Master Planning and Place Making
  • Artist Project Management and Support
  • Emerging Artist Support
  • Community Engagement
  • Interior Designers – Artwork Collections Developed for Interior Space
  • Public Art Strategy
  • Arts Commissioning
  • Artist Management
  • Cost Planning
  • Project Delivery
  • Installation
  • Decommissioning
  • Capacity Building


At the heart of our work and company ethos is the desire to support capacity building of Saudi public art consultants, managers and arts advisors. Our curatorial team is expanding, ensuring that project delivery adheres to methods of best practice including the development of Saudi skill sets.


Public art can be vast or intimate in scale, ephemeral or a structural landmark. It is our role to support the visions of clients, stakeholders and the commissioned artists. What distinguishes our approach is our understanding of the complexities which need to be addressed including; where the art will be located, how it will be made, operations and maintenance and community impact; what it will mean to those who see it daily or as a fleeting visit.


Working as part of the design and delivery team allows us to be best placed to support an inclusive, effective delivery programme whilst maximizing opportunities.

We provide advisory and support services to identify the best fabricators, structural engineers and other relevant technical expertise to ensure artworks designed and delivered to the artists requirements, appropriate for location and addressing issues of longevity, sustainability and environmental conditions and impact.


Our great strength is supporting all artists according to the levels of assistance and management they may need. We cover all roles, whether an artist has an established studio where we may be more light touch and offering a physical presence in the Kingdom or that of support for an emerging, early career artist requiring more extensive project management, client and design team liaison through to on-site attendance.

Our expert team will work with artists as they develop their research from initial concept designs into detailed design development. Bringing together technical expertise of engineers, fabricators and designers, artists are supported through all stages of their creative visioning ensuring final designs and proposals are developed into clear drawings and reports ready for fabrication.

We ensure artists work will bring the exceptional, and our depth of experience allows us not only to work with both internationally recognised artists but also to support young and emerging artists in local, national or international opportunities.


Our specialists’ experience of the international art world and knowledge of emerging and established Saudi artists and galleries allows us to offer impartial advice guiding and supporting clients through the curation, collation and ongoing portfolio development of their art collection; whether this be an individual artwork or an extensive curated collection.

We guide clients through artist and artwork selection and any contractual and procurement requirements. In the commissioning of new and bespoke artworks we manage artist briefings, artists/client consultations, legal and intellectual property requirements, fabrication, installation, insurance and conservation, where required.


We understand that every artwork is unique, every location and project comes with specific technical requirements and every artist approaches a project with a clear vision. Our role as fabrication project managers is to ensure that we broker collaborative partnerships between artist and fabrication teams, where bespoke methods of production and dialogue result in the production of the artists’ vision whilst seeking the most cutting edge and advanced techniques to address requirements such as sustainability, longevity and environmental concerns.


Our art advisory service has been established by Sarah A. Collicott, FRSA, a Curator and Art Historian with over 25 years of international experience in the commercial and public sectors, producing arts and cultural strategies, commissioning site-specific and bespoke artworks for the public realm and private collections.

Curatorial commissions have included major retrospective installations and the commissioning of highly regarded public art programmes. Sarah’s work frequently focuses on the commissioning of artwork generated through research into historical land contemporary context to celebrate the unique qualities of a place. She is experienced in the project management of commissions from conceptual development to installation on site where works may ephemeral, temporary, permanent or architecturally integrated.

Based in Riyadh, Sarah continues as a patron of the Royal Academy of Arts, London with support given to the schools and emerging artistic practice. Sarah has written and contributed to number of publications on public art.