From Spark to Spirit

Noor Riyadh

Alongside curatorial management, artist liaison and a local mentorship scheme, Constantine KSA provided the logistics services for Noor Riyadh’s From Spark to Spirit exhibition.

Constantine KSA is uniquely placed in this regard, as we can offer a blended delivery of services required by display projects such as Noor Riyadh. Our specialist logistics teams coordinated a tailored package from artist concept to artwork installation in JAX District.

Fabrication & Packing

Constantine KSA’s logistics teams have substantial experience working collaboratively with artists and studios. We understand the steps required to bring a design to completion. Noor Riyadh featured many such new artworks, and we were involved throughout the fabrication process.

Doug Aitken’s The River is a notable example, as the production schedule was distributed between the studio, the fabricators, and Constantine KSA.

Our involvement with the fabrication process gave us great insight into the fundamental construction of the artwork. During final installation, this insight was invaluable. Constantine KSA ensured that fabrication exactly aligned with a busy shipping schedule and display deadline.

From Spark to Spirit, a celebration of light and colour, invited the use of challenging materials such as glass and electrical components. As such, our logistics teams had to utilise their comprehensive experience of handling fragile materials to create bespoke packing solutions.

Phillip K Smith III’s Flat Portal 4:1, constructed from fibreglass, LEDs and electrical fittings, required such treatment. To safely handle the large glass disk, Constantine KSA facilitated the fabrication of a custom Styrofoam cradle alongside the artist. The cradle successfully supported the artwork during the packing process whilst also being reused inside the crate for transit and installation.

Due to the size of Flat Portal 4:1, the constructed crate was over 230cm high. To ensure the safest possible transit, stabilisers were added to the base of the case, minimising any lateral motion.


The artwork portfolio for Noor Riyadh was diverse and international. Constantine KSA were well equipped to handle the varied shipping requirements for this project. Our wide network of ARTIM registered partners assisted with international collections and supervised shipping under management of our Constantine KSA Project Manager.

Our customs team in Riyadh allowed for an expedited and seamless KSA import, with numerous agents on the ground to supervise air and seaport activity. Due to the large scale of many of the works, we had to utilise oversized shipping methods such as freighter plane cargo and sea freight shipments.


Constantine KSA have worked on numerous art fairs, exhibitions, and public art installations. In every instance, the Project Management team must carefully coordinate with multiple stakeholders: building management, artist studios, curatorial teams, technical specialists, installation crews – amongst others.

The same challenges raised during packing and shipping remained relevant at the point of install. Fragile materials such as glass required specialised handling and a comprehensive install plan.

Constantine KSA’s team of expert art handlers always ensure that the visual intention of the artwork is executed with best logistics practice

Our team worked closely with Larry Bell’s studio team to coordinate the installation of The Blue Gate. The sculpture consisting of several large, laminated glass panels, required a team of eight technicians to install over three days. A bespoke plinth was fabricated in line with the artists requirements to ensure that the installation was exactly level in the display space. Using glass suction pads, each panel was lifted out of its crate in a carefully choreographed lift plan.


The scope of Constantine KSA’s work with Noor Riyadh continued after the final installations. As part of our comprehensive service offering, we can provide a team of conservators and specialist technicians to take care of the artwork throughout the exhibition period.

The technical specification of Noor Riyadh’s installations required particular attention, as lights and transformers needed to be replaced at regular intervals. Alongside routine cleaning of surfaces, Constantine KSA’s team remains available to ensure that the artworks are displayed in their best condition.